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A first-person shooter game

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is the third game in the CoD: Balck Ops series and features many of the same gameplay elements as it’s previous titles. The game has a fun and challenging zombies mode that will push your need to survive and test your skills. The game is available for Playstation 4 and 3 as well as the Xbox one and 360 but is also available to PC gamers.

Technologically advanced

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is set in the year 2065, forty years after the previous game. This sequel has a campaign, multiplayer, and zombies game mode that will keep you playing for a long time as there are many match modes and maps to experience.

The game no longer receives new updates but does have DLC available to enhance the game. Most prominently is the Zombie Chronicles, which gives you eight remastered zombie maps from the previous games. The game’s season pass adds in new multiplayer content and additional zombies content.

The game’s resource usage is above average, requiring at least 6Gb of RAM and a 1Gb graphics card. The file size of Black Ops 3 is large, requiring at least 100 gigabytes of space before you can begin to download the files. The game will need to be purchased before you can play it as it is not free.

Many multiplayer modes

Call of Duty: Black Ops III thrives in its multiplayer environment as there is a lot of resources dedicated to having made the online play great. There are seven modes available to play online with others. These seven are the classic Team Deathmatch, Demolition, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Search and Destroy, Capture the flag, Hardpoint, Safeguard, and Uplink.

The mode shares a narrative with the single-player campaign where players battle within virtual simulations. There are nine specialists to play as and fully completing one’s progression line unlocks audio logs, and doing this for all nine unlocks a very special log.


Zombies is a popular Call of Duty game mode that had its original inception in Call of Duty: World at War and has been in every CoD game developed by Treyarch since then. The mode features waves of zombies that grow in size each time, swarming the map and trying to kill you as you earn enough points for ammunition and new guns.

The story for this mode follows an episodic format that continues through the downloadable content available for the game. The mode is fun and will test your aim and fear as new zombies pop up one after another.


There are two main DLC for the game, the season pass and the Zombie Chronicles. The season pass contains a variety of new maps for you to play on and some additional content for the Zombies mode. Zombie Chronicles adds past maps from the Zombies mode to the game, bringing a revamped challenge for anyone who never played them in the past.


The Call of Duty franchise has been around since 2003 when the first game was released. There are now over 16 titles in the CoD series without counting all the addons and extras made for the series. The games are available across consoles and have even reached mobile devices recently.


The single-player campaign provides a great story, but can also be played with a 4-player coop. The model has its own progression system that has to unlock tokens, which are used to acquire new gear and weapons through the campaign. The game has a realistic difficulty mode that causes players to lose once a single bullet hits them.

Finishing all missions will unlock a new mode with a different narrative and zombie replacements for the enemies.


There are a large number of achievements to earn that show off your skill in-game and how many tasks you’ve completed. There are 98 achievements for you to discover, some of these are easy, but others you’ll have to repeat the Zombie mode for hours before you stop dying and get it right. Once you earn these, you have bragging rights, especially since some achievements have been completed by less than a percentage of all players.


If CoD: Black Ops 3 is not your preferred game or style of shooter, there are a wide variety of alternatives that you may enjoy.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the next game in the CoD Black Ops series and features a battle royal experience as well as thrilling gameplay for multiplayer matches and zombies.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is another CoD FPS game that has three primary game modes. These modes are the campaign which you can play through alone, Multiplayer matches, and the classic Zombies mode.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is the tenth major installment in the CoD series and has both campaign and multiplayer game modes. There is a variety of ways to enjoy the game online with friends.

Battlefield 4 is an FPS game from the Battlefield series. It offers an engaging multiplayer mode as well as a single-player campaign where you can use vehicles to cross the terrain.

Just another Call of Duty title

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a great game that can be played alone or enjoyed with friends. The game has a lot of multiplayer potential and is great if you’re enjoying it with friends, whether it’s zombies or one of the many multiplayer match modes.

The title is not the latest in the CoD series but still has popularity among gamers and fans of the Zombie mode. There are no more updates, but due to the DLC you’ll be able to enjoy the game with friends for a long time.


  • Great graphics
  • Fluid action
  • Many game modes
  • Challenging zombie levels


  • No groundbreaking or new features
  • Single Player story is disconnected
  • No sense of earning progression

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User reviews about Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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    is this game online

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    wait are u guys bots

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    love it

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    best game ever so iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii like to downloads

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    by Shannon Garner

    call of duty is a very unique and very very well made game

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    it so best so i wanted to download so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so best


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